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Plastic Repair

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get a truly new life out of a broken single or double skin plastic pallet box, rather than having to replace it? Well now you can with Inka Pallets' Plastic Repair Service!

Every year pallet box/ Dolav users are forced to shell out for expensive replacements to replenish their fleet. Not only are replacements expensive but they often come with frustratingly long lead times. And of course replacements don’t solve the problem of what to do with the broken ones that are still taking up valuable space in the yard!

Plastic repair has been offered by companies in the past, but if you’ve ever tried it, you’ve probably become quickly disappointed and frustrated by the results. Until now, Dolav ‘repair’ methods on the market have been little more than a cosmetic gluing; which doesn’t actually return any strength or integrity to the box.  Moreover, the ‘welds’ simply don’t last, and tend to pop out the moment the box is knocked or placed in a freezer. Not only does this create a false economy, it also poses a very serious risk of plastic falling into the box and causing contamination, especially if being used for food applications.

Well that was then, but Inka Pallets are pleased to tell you that in 2016/2017 we are bringing a brand new, state of the art, welding method to the UK market for both single and double walled pallet boxes that we are sure will be the ‘game changer’ that the industry has been longing for.

At a fraction of the cost of a new box, our technique is proven to give a genuinely new life to around 85% of all single and double skinned pallet boxes that are currently deemed unusable. The weld is so strong that even the skids/runners of a Dolav can be repaired, which up until now has been regarded as an impossibility. Not only that, but our engineers work to such a high standard and with the best food grade materials to ensure that the repairs conform with HACCP standards, so that repaired boxes remain suitable for food contact.

A large automotive customer insisted on commissioning an independent laboratory to test the strength of our weld compared to a new box. Amazingly, the results that came back confirmed that the repaired boxes either met, or exceeded, the original manufacturer’s specifications!

And this new plastic welding repair is not just for Dolav boxes either, it will also work with the following;

  • Single skin pallet boxes (Dolav, Schoeller Allibert, Utz, Jco etc.).
  • Double walled pallet boxes (Saeplast etc.).
  • Plastic Hygiene pallets.
  • Plastic corrugated sleeve pack boxes.
  • Folding Magnum, Orbis or Buckhorn pallet boxes.
  • Live Poultry Crates.

Call our team now to discuss your requirements, and ask for your free sample repair!

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