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    Introducing Mondipal's latest addition to its range of euro-size export pallets: the MON-CD1208. Designed with the pharmaceutical and meat & poultry sectors in mind, its closed surface makes it quick & easy to clean, making it perfect for when hygiene is paramount. The MON-CD1208  is also both lightweight and durable so suitable for economical multi-trip use; but still has a price tag that even single trip users will find attractive. It is sure to be a very popular pallet for closed loops and exports alike!

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    Additional Info

    • type: Euro size export pallet
    • dimensions: 800 x 1200 x 155mm
    • dimensions: 800 x 1200
    • weight (kg): 6 Kg
    • static capacity: 4000 Kg
    • dynamic capacity: 800 Kg
    • capacity in racks: n/a
    • temperature: -20 to 60
    • items per stack: 50
    • items per truck: 1650
    • type of material: PE
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